The alchemist symbol for sulfur.

Alchemy is the ancient practice of changing one metal into another. With the overall goal being to achieve creation of the mythical philosophers stone or to achieve creation of gold from other metals. In more recent times, Hermetic principles have taken root in alchemy. Believing it's principals to be spiritual, rather than physical in nature.

History Edit

Alchemy has a long history that dates back to Hellenistic Egypt. Many of the writings on alchemy are hard to discern and have a great deal of symbols in order to keep others from reading it.

Uses Edit

In today's society, many believe alchemy to be of spiritual nature, rather than a physical one. Believing alchemy to be a way of self-transformation and betterment of the magickal practitioner.

Symbols Edit

The use of symbols in alchemy is widespread. Each symbol corresponding with different substances or ideas.

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