• Daniel Blankley

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  • Soror Basilisk

    Temple of the Black Sun

    TNS, also known as The Temple Of the Black Sun, was initially set up on the mainland of Australia in the 1970’s . It takes it’s name from various references throughout history such as in Alchemy, the sun in Amenta. The Gnostic Pleroma of fullness/emptiness. The experience of the Void as dimly recollected by the human nervous system.

    It comprised of Magickians from various Magickal traditions, originating from Australia, New Zealand, North America, Great Britain and mainland Continental Europe. They brought to the syncretic hub of TNS experience and expertise from their various disciplines from their Magickal as well as their professional lives.

    These included such diverse areas as Thelema, Zos Kia Cultus, Maatian Magic…

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