Cartomancy by Ivan Vladimirov.

Cartomancy is the use of playing cards, tarot cards, or an oracle deck in divination. This form of divination is extremely popular and can provide very in depth and flexible looks at nearly any situation.

History Edit

Originally created in China in the 12th century, playing cards slowly spread their way to the west. Not long after playing cards were introduced to 14th century Europe, people began to develop systems of divination using them. Divination using the cards at this time was usually done by rolling a die and then drawing cards. The art became so widespread, that in 1556, the church deemed it a sin to use cards as a form of fortune telling. This method is considered to be one of the oldest forms of divination still in use today.

Methods Edit

In cartomancy, the overall method is generally the same regardless of deck.

  1. Choose a deck to use.
  2. Think of a question that you want to be answered. In order to find an answer in almost any situation, one must have some idea of what they are looking for.
  3. Choose a spread that will help answer your question. There are many spreads for cartomancy available on the internet that you can use. Try to keep the spread relevant to the question you have asked. It would be counter-productive to pick a spread about romance when your question was about finical troubles.
  4. Shuffle the cards. Keep the question you have in mind while doing this.
  5. Choose your cards. Each cartomancer has their own way of choosing their cards, however, this does not mean that any method of doing so is incorrect.
  6. Lay them out in your spread and interpret your answer.
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