Gypsum crystal cave.

Crystals are minerals where the patterns and formation of their atoms cause a variety of geometric shapes in the material. These geometric shapes cause them to resonate with enhanced energy patterns and make them a commonly used tool in many of today's magickal practices.

Uses Edit

Crystals each have their own signature type of energy that they store and resonate with. These can be placed around the house to let the energy flow out or set up into crystal grids. It is also believed that crystals have healing powers attributed to them.

Shapes Edit

The shape of the crystal is important to the way its energies manifest.

  • Barnacle Crystal
  • Cluster
  • Crystal Ball
  • Double Termination
  • Generator Crystal
  • Geode
  • Key Crystal
  • Phantom Crystal
  • Point
  • Pyramid
  • Isis Crystal
  • Record Keeper
  • Wand
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