Divination is when somebody uses a magical, subconscious, or mathmatical system to gather knowledge of future events or unknown. There are many kinds of divination but some common types are astrology, cartomancy, and scrying.

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  • Aeromancy - divination based on the sky. Using clouds, comets, and other changing phenomenon.
  • Abacomancy - the use of dirt, sand, or dust to predict the future.
  • Acultomancy - using needles or sticks to predict the future.
  • Ailuromancy - using a cats movements to divine the weather or future.
  • Aleuromancy - Ancient Greek use of fortune cookies to predict events.
  • Astraglomancy - divination using dice with numbers and letters.
  • Bibliomancy - the use of books, particularly sacred ones, in removing entities or in divination.
  • Botanomancy - burning tree branches and leaves for divination.
  • Cephalomancy - using animal skulls in divination.
  • Cleromancy - similar to astraglomancy, but instead uses objects such as seashells or stones.
  • Gastromancy - early form of ventriloquism used to bring forth prophecy

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