The shape of a hand is an important aspect in palmistry. Depending on the style of palmistry used, the hand shapes can be read in different ways.

Square Hand Edit

Characterized by square shaped palm, wrist, and fingertips. The fingers on this type of hand are generally shorter than average.

Intellectual Hand Edit

Sometimes called the knotted hand.

Conic Hand Edit

Also called the artistic hand, these hands have smooth fingers with nails that are shaped slightly like cones.

Spatulate Hand Edit

Spatulate hand

An example of a spatulate hand.

The most noticeable feature of this hand type is its flattened fingertips and slightly crooked shape. This hand type tends to feature a large thumb, wide base, and long fingers.

This hand shows a thirst for knowledge and understanding.

Psychic Hand Edit

Theses hands are small and thin with smooth fingers.

People with this type of hand tend to be far off and dreamy in nature. They are usually interested in the occult and spiritual.

Mixed Hand Edit

A mixed hand is a hand that is a combination of one or more hand types.

Elemental Shapes Edit

These shapes are commonly used in western palmistry. Based off the four classical elements, these shapes are considered to be easier to read. To read theses shapes, one must simply look at the length of the palm and fingers.

Earth Hand Edit

Characterized by short fingers and short palm.

Water Hand Edit

Air Hand Edit

Fire Hand Edit

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