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Burning Fire or Candles to perform Ritual Magic actually predates the ancient Greeks and may go back as far as early man.

If you have made a wish and blown out a birthday candle, you have done Candle Magic! Candle Magic is very effective and works, as long as the person wishing is in agreement with Physical or Metaphysical Laws.. I knew a little girl who at every birthday wished to become a horse. It never happened. You cannot change your shape, weight or sex with candle magic. It conflicts with physical laws. Greedy or Selfish wishes often conflict with Metaphysical Laws… and what you send out returns to you times three.

Whether you light a candle and voice a desire in a Church or at your kitchen table, the process (ritual) really works!

You will read articles which say use different colored candles for different things or ‘dress’ the candles by coating them with oil or other substances. Personally I have had good results with Basic Candle Magic.

Choose Your Candle

Any candle will work in a pinch. You can blow it out to complete your spell or let it burn itself out. I prefer the latter as is done with Church Votive Candles, so I select a small candle so the ritual will finish in a reasonable time.

I like Birthday Candles. The box always used to say burns 5 minutes but I recently watched a test that shows they actually burn 14-15 minutes. This is a good time for a ritual. The smooth candle has more wax than the twisted (spiral) candle and is the one I use. Here is the video test of burning time.

How To Do a Simple Candle Magic Spell.

1. Select your candle and stick it to a small glass dish (not plastic which will burn). Heat the bottom of the candle with a lighter and it will stick upright on a plate and burn completely. (Birthday Candles are available in colors if you want to try that method) nI use a white candle.

2. Write out your desire or wish on a scrap of paper.

3. Light the candle and read your wish aloud.

4. I let my candle burn itself out, but you may blow it out like a birthday candle if you are in a hurry. I think it is more effective if I let it burn itself out.

For Added Power (A double Whammy)

5. As the candle starts to burn out you can light the paper petition from the candle and burn it as well according to the description in the text above, and toss it on the candle on the plate where it will burn safely in just a few seconds

Good Luck

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