Palm reading

Palmistry is the art of divining ones fate through the features found on their hands.

History Edit

Some sources say palmistry has its roots found in Hindu astrology, Chinese I Ching, and Romani fortune tellers.

Methods Edit

Hand Shapes Edit

The overall shape of the hand is an important aspect of palmistry. These shapes can help one determine the profession and the general personality of a person. Simply looking at the overall hand shape is said to be the quickest way to do a reading.

Finger Shapes Edit

The shapes of the fingers hold importance depending on each finger. Each finger corresponds with a planet, and gives insight to many things such as ambition and knowledge.

The Mounts Edit

In palmistry, the bumps of flesh found on the palm (also known as mounts) are very important in readings. These mounts are named after the classical planets.

Major Hand Lines Edit

There are three major lines on the palm of the hand. These lines are known as the heart line, life line, and head line.

Minor Hand Lines Edit

Markings Edit

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