A wand.

A wand is a tool which one would use to focuses their magickal energies. Most commonly made from wood with various decoration. Typically wands are around 6-16 in. long, yet they can be any length and are also carved and decorated.

Uses Edit

Wands are generally used in ritual work to point and move energies. Many traditions use wands in casting a circle for ritual work.

Wand Making Edit

Many people create wands themselves. Different traditions will have different rules to wand making, but this simple guideline can help.

  1. Find a piece of wood that pleases you. It's easier to find try to take it off of the ground if you can, if not you can take it from a tree. In some beliefs, including Wicca, it states that you must ask the tree for permission first, then give an offering back afterwards to show thanks. Peel the bark off, if it is not dry let it sit in the sun for a few days.
  2. If you want, you may carve or paint it the wand to your liking. Having symbolism and patterns can make the wand more unique and better suited for you.
  3. Next decorate it. You can hang talismans from it or wrap leather around the handle or put crystals on the end to help direct energy flowing through it.
  4. Some beliefs state that you must cleans and consecrate the item before use.

Remember, a Magic Wand is a metaphysical tool that unlocks and helps channel the magic in you. So if it feels Magic to you, that is important, the more magical it feels, the more effectively you will work with it.

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