The cleansing element of water

Water is one of the four classical elements (along with fire, earth, and air). This element makes up most of the Earths surface and is used in many types of spells and magick.

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The alchemical symbol for water.

Water is a passive element, and is often associated with cleansing.

Stones[1] Blue Lace Agate Jade
Amethyst Lapis Lazuli
Aquamarine Lepidolite
Azurite Moonstone
Beryl Pearl
Blue Calcite Sapphire
Pink Calcite Selenite
Celestite Sodalite
Chalcedony Sugilite
Chrysocolla Blue Tourmaline
Coral Green Tourmaline
Quartz Pink Tourmaline

Religious Beliefs Edit

In most religions, water is seen as a purifying substance.

Christianity Edit

The use of water in baptisms and in the form of Holy Water is a common theme of Christianity.

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